Our series on promotion for small businesses rolls on today with an insightful look at the power of promotional products from our friends at Vistaprint. In a recent blog post, they discussed five major benefits of using promotional items as a marketing tactic, which we’d like to share with you today.

Consider this statistic: of individuals surveyed, 52% said their impression of an organization is more favorable after receiving a promotional merchandise from them, and those products are used by almost 50% . How did your last promotion strategy stack up against those amounts?

1. A target for companies, small-scale and large, is generally brand recognition. Just how can you make your brand be noticeable from your competition, but also stay in the heads of customers, both possible and present? One manner would be to get creative with your advertising.

2. Mass outreach at a cost that is low. With a tight budget, it can not be easy to select what things will provide you with the most “hit for the dollar.”, and just what advertising things make the most sense for the business With a modest price tag but substantial, long-term impact, promotional products are an excellent value on your investment. Keep this in mind: A straightforward giveaway is an excellent means to raise customer loyalty. If you possess a storefront, including an enjoyable takeaway with purchases is a fine way!

3. Promotional products are a fun, creative way, while business cards will stay a really precious company basic. Instead of simply leaving your business card to an expected customer, as an example, consider leaving behind another, branded merchandise that is real AND your business card.

4. Another thing to remember is repeat exposure in regards to advertising your company. Just how can you keep what you are doing, and your company without spending a lot of cash in front of customers? Simple: Think by what things your customers will need to keep around. If you possess a hot tub, as an example, set on the rear of your business card, as customers will need to keep that near when they must return to recall.

5. Strong advertising platform. Does your advertising portfolio appear to be? We believe most of you’d pick variety. Although having advertising products that are staple is significant, having the capability to alter what you’re using to brand your company is significant, also! Companies

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